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A big howdy to those who came from DailyKos, Buzzflash and all other parts of the reality-based community!

In my day job, I'm paid to write articles. I cover news and information pertinent to my industry. I've been employed as a journalist for over three years. In that time I've written well over three hundred articles. Talon News has an Alexa ranking of 640,000. The site I write for has an Alexa ranking of 54,966. In theory, I'm more than qualified to get a White House daily press pass but I won't hold my breath.

I write for the Internet porn industry.

I don't write dirty stories. I don't write fake bios or newsletters where I'm pretend I'm some 19 year old babe who's just thrilled to have guys spooge in her face. I write about industry trends and happenings. I write about new and present technologies. I write about legislation important to those in my field. I am an adult webmaster but that's not how I make my living...anymore.

This is me:

Before I got my sweet gig as an author I took pictures of myself to use as content on my pages. Notice how you can't see my face? Notice how the pic is fuzzy? That was done on purpose. I needed content but I didn't want the whole world to see my face on a porn page. I used the images to promote sponsor programs as an affiliate. I invented the persona of a horny housewife who posted dirty pics on the web while my husband was away at work. I used the content to make pages where I sold memberships to paysites in the Mature/MILF niche. I'm not married and never have been. My porn name is not my real name. Everything about my pages and my photos were illusion, except for the very real membership fees I hoped my surfers would purchase.

I identify with . When I read about him on AmericaBlog, I felt a touch of empathy. His exposure is the stuff of my nightmares. My friends and family know what I do for a living but everyone else thinks I'm technical writer, which I am, technically.

While the blogosphere is going nuts over Guckert's possible connections to prostitution and the gay lifestyle, I am exploring the story of Jeff through the eyes of a web pornographer. I don't know if he's a hooker. I don't know if he's gay. There is one thing I do know for a fact. James Guckert is an adult webmaster.

How do I know this? When examining the webpages associated with Gannon, the URL to one of them was my first clue:

In our business, we call that an affiliate link. It's the kind of link a sponsor issues to a webmaster so that when that webmaster makes a sale, the sponsor pays out a commission. We also call them referrer IDs. Mind you, that page is dead. The only way to see it is to type it into the Wayback Machine. When you do, you'll come across my second clue:

See the button that reads: WEBMASTERS? Did you click that link? I did. I went even further. I went to the site in question, Male Corps®. I found the person in charge of the Male Corps® affiliate program and asked him about Jim/Jeff. Here's what I wrote:

Dear Bruce,

I am an adult webmaster with a weblog about the porn industry. I found you through your domain,

As you probably know, the Internet is buzzing about Jeff Gannon. Many say he was an escort. I have a different theory. I believe he was either an adult webmaster who used his own images for content or he is content. In all the fuss over this brouhaha, I think your site, is being made to look as if it belonged to Gannon.

I was wondering if you had any information about Jeff Gannon/James Guckert that I could put in my blog?

I appreciate your time.


Bruce and I exchanged a few emails. He wasn't even aware that Jim's USMCPT bio had been plastered all over the Internet, much less US broadcast television. That's understandable because Bruce is in Canada. Male Corps® is based in Canada. Those kind of profile pages aren't even part of the Male Corps® program anyomore. In fact, they stopped accepting affiliates just this month.

Here's is the official Male Corps® response in regards their former affiliate Jeff Gannon:

A few years ago, provided individuals and affiliates with the option to have their own home page on the site for marketing purposes. Potential members would see each individual/affiliate's personal page and subscribe to see their photos. The revenue would then be shared between the affiliate and This is the full extent of the relationship between and Jeff Gannon. All his photos were removed from the site about two years ago.

For the past few years, many steps were taken to avoid such occurrences, including the removal of all personal web pages, classifieds and listings from, as well as the cancellation of the affiliate program in order to keep a better control over the Male Corps trademarks and copyrighted information. As it stands, the site solely provides erotic photos and videos of models on their own, not involving any sexual activity, as well as links to third party providers. It is also noteworthy that the Male Corps web site has never been an escort service.

Bruce also told me that he and his associates are horrified with the possibility that an ex-Marine might be responsible for leaking a classified CIA Memo to the public.

He also wants me to tell you that Male Corps® might be for sale.


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